Jackie and Shawn for Teen Challenge Charity

Jackie and I are up to another wild activity. No, we are not sleeping on the street this year for homeless youth, but we are doing the Mt. Everest 29029 challenge for a similar charity – Teen Challenge

Raising money for Vision Rescue

Hi Everyone, We are keen to raise money for the good work of Vision Rescue any funds raised will be going towards the education and nourishment of millions of kids living in the slums of Mumbai, India! Thanks xx

A Greater Reach for Uptown Bill’s

Please help us expand our services to reach our diverse communities and persons of all abilities with programs to educate, inspire and entertain in our coffeehouse, entertainment venue and community room.

Empower the Kids of Ghana

By giving the kids access to better resources to supplement their pursuit of education we are literally empowering them into securing the best possible futures for themselves. Help me make a difference in Accra, Ghana.