Smartic foods is the food industry’s #1 choice

At Smartic, we know that healthy eating is a journey. We’re here to support you with a wide variety of seasonings made with the finest, healthiest herbs and spices in the world.


Bulk industrial receptacles for food manufacturers.

Food Services

Work with our talented team of foodservice specialists.


Make your industrial kitchen sizzle, drive your retail sale.

Private Label

We go beyond our banner to many our expertise

The Smartic family commitment

Smartic Foods is a veritable icon in the food service, retail, and industrial food prep sectors. We are the acclaimed leader in the importation, processing, and supply of premium herbs, authentic super spices, and exotic seasoning blends from around the world.
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A very special collaboration

We’ve been hard at work in the flavour studio to bring you three chart-topping custom blends that’ll guarantee you never have to wing it with your wings again

Street Pork Carnitas



What do we offer?

A wide range of healthy, delicious, and unique spices, Herbs, Peppers, Rice and Mixed Rice, Dehydrated vegetables, and seasoning blends from around the world


Spices are distinguished from herbs: the leaves, flowers, or stems...


Herbs have a variety of uses including culinary, medicinal, and in some cases, spiritual.

Standard Peppers

It’s no secret that peppers are full of health benefits. They are low in calories...


Seasonings include herbs and spices, which are themselves frequently...

Know more about spice benefits!

We're chefs, epicureans, and spice obsessed.

Smartic is chef-driven with an unmatched level of quality to the sourcing and care of spices. We only source fresh, small batch, packed and processed by hand. And we make sure everything is affordable so you don’t have to make any compromises.

Fresh herbs, spices & seasonings.

Spices are used whole as well as ground, which is often combined into complex spice mixes. Herbs and spices actually make food tastier while boosting our health.

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