We are bring a new ear of driving amazing new electric scooters as the answer to the modern future

We believe that eco-friendly products are the answer for a bright future, we build them just for you. We sell directly to customers, as well as distribute kick scooters to bicycle and sports stores.

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Electric Scooter fast folding free to put


Moto Power

Travel Range

Charging Time

Battery Capacity

Max Speed

The Electric Scooter becomes
accustomed to your routes over time

Electric Scooter is made with data in mind and is of the highest quality. A new kind of performance is possible due to the flawless integration of every assembly detail into the frame.


Eco Friendly

We believe that eco friendly products are the answer for the future, we built up just for you


Electric charger

By using the fast charging machine concept, save your time for the next journey and enjoy your ride!


Durability proven

It has been tested for endurance by international standards that can with stand the load for all of you


Easy to handle

By using the latest aerodynamic handing concept, which is easy suitable for beginners player

Made by graphene coated carbon fibre which making it strong & lightweight

The scooter also boasts pressure-sensitive suspension for “lean steering”, enabling the driver to lean forward to increase the speed, back to decrease speed, and to curve left or right to turn.

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